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Build a net-zero world
High-end customizationLow carbon recycling materials
Uses 1 metric ton of recycled materials Reduce 2 tonnes of waste
Help customers import with confidenceLow carbon footprintofPCR recycled materials
Are you looking for a reliable and sustainable supply chain?
CRAM integrates for customersrecycling process and provide completeProduction traceability

High temperature of nearly 50 degrees in northern India affects the economy and people's livelihood

Temperatures continue to rise, and northern India is hit by frequent heat waves. In this century alone, six years have set new high temperature records in India's history.

More than 130 million tons of plastic waste are discarded every year

In 2019, according to statistics from the Australian Maidru Foundation, more than 130 million tons of plastic waste were discarded.

PCR recycled plastic can provide companies with sustainable carbon reduction solutions

Recycled materials can bring continuous carbon reduction effects to enterprises every year and actually reduce waste production.

PCR low-carbon aluminum ingots recycled from automobile wheels

100%PCR’s recycled aluminum ingots can be used in many fields and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

CRAM (Carbon Recycle Applied Materials Co., Ltd.)

We realize our vision of a net-zero world by providing corporate carbon reduction materials
Let change happen in this generation

Every 1KG of recycled materials used
The earth will reduce 2KG of garbage


We have reduced the world
More than 3 million tons of plastic waste


Recycled materials for PCR100%
Carbon emissions are one-tenth that of new materials

Global locations

recycled plastic

IncludePC . PP . PS . PPO . ABS . PC/ABS...

Recycled aluminum alloy

the safestRecycled aluminum Certified environmentally friendly materials



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